5 Services You Can Expect from Microblading Salons

Microblading goes by many names, such as feather stroking and brow embroidery. It involves a process of implementing semi-permanent makeup where the expert will manually draw hair strokes on your eyebrows to make them look fuller and bushier. Additionally, Microblading also includes pigment implantation on the surface layer of your dermis to ensure that the look stays for at least 1 to 3 years.

Types of Microblading services

Microblading salons such as www.metamorphosis-microblading.com may provide this service by naming it differently, such as 3D eyebrows or micro-pigmentation. The process is the same as mentioned above. However, the type of Microblading may differ. Here are some of the most common services that you can expect in these salons:

  1. Powder brows

Powder brows, borderless brows, stardust brows, and airbrushed brows – they all mean the same thing. In this Microblading service, the expert will implant the pigment using a digital machine that provides a soft powdery look. This service is ideal if you have aging or oily skin and have little to no hair in your eyebrows. You can customize your look by lightly saturating the pigment to make your eyebrows look more prominent. This treatment may last for 2 to 5 years.

Nano brows

Instead of using a hand tool, the expert will use a machine to draw the hair strokes. This process allows the professional to implant more pigments so that the hair strokes look more consistent on your skin and provide long-lasting results.

Combo brows

Combo brows are also known as hybrid brows or 3D/4D brows. This service involves a combination of drawing hair strokes and also shading to provide a more defined look. It depends on the expert whether he wants to draw the hair strokes and shade manually or with a digital machine. Sometimes, drawing the hair strokes manually give a more natural look.

Ombre brows

Ombre brows are similar to powder brows but have a gradient look. This means the tail of your eyebrows will look darker than the head. The head looks a lot lighter but gradually turns darker. It is suitable for those who have fair skin with pitch-black hair and eyebrows.

Brow correction

Brow correction is ideal if you already have tattoo or brow pigmentation and want to correct or refresh the shape and color of your eyebrows. The saturation of the pigmentation plays a crucial role in this method. The expert needs to consider the pigmentation that the earlier artist had used. Accordingly, he may look to remove the pigmentation so that your eyebrows get a fresh look. If you don’t want to remove the previous pigmentation, you can ask the expert to correct the shape of the eyebrows.

It is wise to confirm which look would look better before going for brow correction. Some Microblading salons allow you to send photos of your brows for consultation. You can talk to the expert about the look that will suit you better before opting for brow correction.

Microblading provides more defined and fuller eyebrows while still making them look natural. If you don’t have a set of bushy eyebrows, you can consult with an expert on which Microblading service may make you look the best.