What Happens at the Microblading Salon?

Microblading salons provide services to help people get fuller eyebrows that look natural. The microblading process involves the use of incredibly tiny needles that apply ink to the skin. It is similar to getting a tattoo, but a slightly different approach is taken. Ink colours are often carefully blended to accurately match the colour that the client is requesting to have for his or her brows. Rather than applying dark, thick strokes above the eyes, the technician will apply light and gentle strokes to create lines that look like natural hairs. More people are choosing to visit Charlotte microblading salons to use the service and get eyebrows that look amazing.

Bringing Inspiration Photos with You

If you have thought about getting your eyebrows done by a microblading expert, you should first consult with the expert to discuss your needs. You can bring inspiration photos with you that show what you would like your eyebrows to look like when the microblading process is complete. When your technician knows what you want your brows to look like, the technician can help you achieve that look by choosing the perfect ink shade to use and applying the perfect number of strokes to the skin.

Numbing the Eyebrows Before the Microblading Procedure

Because you are essentially getting a tattoo on your face when you are undergoing the microblading process, you may experience a bit of discomfort. The technician wants you to feel comfortable during this process and will likely apply a numbing agent to the skin before getting started. When the numbing agent is applied, you do not need to worry about experiencing serious discomfort. You can relax, close your eyes, and allow the technician to take his or her time with the microblading tool. Your technician must move at a slow pace to avoid making any mistakes.

Allowing Time for Healing and Fading – Post Microblading

The average microblading session lasts for around three hours. Although the technician is only applying ink to a small section of the skin, he or she must work carefully, and that is why it tends to take a lot longer. After your sessions, you may notice some redness and swelling. The initial redness and swelling that occur are normal side effects of the microblading process. The swelling will begin to subside and scabs will start to form on the eyebrows. While it is tempting to pick at those scabs, make sure you do not do that because you could compromise your results by peeling the scabs. The ink will slowly start to fade a bit and the scabs will eventually heal, leaving you with stunning eyebrows.

Microblading salons offer to provide microblading services to clients that would like to have darker, fuller eyebrows. Many people have thin eyebrows or no eyebrows at all and they would like to change that by having their brows microbladed. If you are going to visit a salon to have this done, you need to know that the process can take up to three hours and it will take some time for the brows to heal. Even so, you will love the results.